A Study in Estate Planning Data Analytics

A Study in Estate Planning Data Analytics
November 20, 2020

A Study in Estate Planning Data Analytics

By Aris Jhaveri, Data Analytics Intern at Yourefolio

Advancements in technology have been reshaping jobs, the way we work and employment opportunities for quite some time.  Some professions have “disappeared” because of technological advancements.  This could be said for a lot more professions as automation through technology advances. While technology can improve or enhance the job, it cannot give us one thing we all wish there was more of…time. 

In estate planning, technology can provide efficiencies that allow professionals and the clients they serve less time spent on the actual process so they can enjoy more time with their families.  No one knows when that time will come so any extra time we can get is greatly appreciated.  This goes for the professional and the client.

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