Implementing New Software

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Implementing New Software

In our series of marketing tips from Yourefolio, we hope to assist with some of the challenges in implementing new technology into your practice and making the most of your investment.  We will use this opportunity to provide you with success stories and suggestions to grow your business and work at providing the best client experience through technology.  As always, thank you for your continued support at Yourefolio.

Believe in the software

When you are introducing any technology, it must first start with your conviction. Why you believed it would help your practice and ultimately your clients. Take a moment to think about the reasons you chose the software. You are implementing and creating three strong reasons you purchased a subscription for the benefit of your clients or your business. When starting the conversation, refer to these reasons with conviction. Your clients trust your recommendations. If they believe you invested in something that will provide a benefit in their lives, they will follow along. If they do not, you may want to consider ways to strengthen that relationship before introducing innovative ideas.

Your clients trust your recommendations. If
they believe you invested in something that
will provide a benefit, they will follow along.

Your enthusiasm may not match theirs. Remember, when introducing technology, older generations are still hesitant with embracing it. You may need to use generalities on why technology in general will help them and improve their lives.  Conviction on technology in general will help any client see the value in embracing and adopting it into their lives.

The technology age is no secret

Your clients read the paper, listen to the news and engage in conversation surrounding technology. Studies have shown that many are starting to use it. While they know it’s coming and more people are using it, your clients may just need some simple education. Try showing them the neat features of any technology; compare it to other methods. Once they can visualize or experience what the technology is doing for them, they are more likely to embrace it.

You may want to try a group setting for educating your clients on technology.  The more people that get a "buy-in" from others using your services, the more likely they are to adopt it personally. Group settings provide for many positive reinforcements, especially if you have a few in the group who are using technology positively in their lives.

Your concerns are their concerns

Any reservations you may have would also be concerns to your clients.  Take the time to learn how those reservations can be convictions to the platform you are using.  Try the concept on yourself to get the experience.  Once you have experienced it, you will be able to resonate that back to your clients.

Take the time to learn it, so you can show expertise in answering their concerns. If they know you are well versed in what you are offering, they will feel more confident and it may put any concerns to rest.

Take the time to learn it, so you can demonstrate
expertise in answering their concerns

If they are concerned about cyber security, look at the platform and their security. Use this when educating yourself and your clients. Strong systems and good security will help you understand what the standard is. There are many articles on the internet that can help you alleviate some of those concerns. If those aren’t enough, there are many experts on the subject to help as well. To move forward and get acceptance from your clients, you must first address your concerns. If you can show confidence, your clients’ concerns will be solved through your knowledge and explanation of those hang-ups.

Make it your process

When implementing new technology, make it the way you do business.  If your clients have been with you for a long time, they will continue to support the methods in which you do business.  If you are using a new type of onboarding then make it clear this is the way you are moving forward and innovating your practice.

Remind them that times are changing and that business and technology are driving that change.  You are moving forward with your business to reflect modern methods.

Explain to them that you must keep up with changing times to be an effective advisor for them. You can always assure them that you have vetted new technology and believe this is the best for your client.  As time passes they will start to realize the value of the new technology.

In closing, it is important to know that introducing any technology comes with its challenges.  There is always a learning curve on your end and then the adoption by your clients. Be patient and give it some time. If you can implement some of the tips above it will certainly assist you with technology and your practice.  In the end, innovators will succeed in business and those who do not invest in new technology will eventually fade out. 

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