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Estate Planning Technology at the Heckerling Conference 2020

Just in case you didn’t have the opportunity to peruse through the exhibit floor, don’t worry, we will help you take a brief look at the technology on display at the Heckerling Conference on Estate Planning.  Here is a look at the floor and the vendors on display.  Please know that we are not affiliated with these companies and the information provided is public information available on their respective websites.  This is what you may have missed…

AbacusLaw is a practice management software for legal professionals. AbacusLaw provides tools to legal professionals including case management, time, billing, and account operations.

Bloomberg Tax is an accounting, tax and calculation software for enterprises.  Bloomberg has a variety of solutions for professional that need intense calculations for accounting purposes.

Brentmark Software is the leader in estate planning calculations. Brentmark has a variety of tools to help calculate the numbers behind many of the tax saving strategies used by professionals today.

EstateWorks is a software platform focused on settlement, funding and probate.  EstateWorks enables professionals to manage estate settlements and planning cases more effectively.

FairSplit is a unique solution to help families divide property upon the settlement of an estate.  A catalogue of items which helps beneficiaries fairly split all types of tangible assets.

FileCenter makes it quick to turn paper into searchable computer files, easy to store and find them, and simple to change them later (even PDFs).

InterActive Legal is a document drafting solution that provides a comprehensive approach to drafting while offering continuing education, thought-provoking discussion forums, and more.

LawPay’s payment technology has been trusted to help law firms get paid easier, more securely, and faster.  It is an easy-to-use online payment technology developed just for lawyers.

Lawgic streamlines the production of complex legal documents. They offer sophisticated tools designed exclusively for trusts and estates and family law attorneys.

LexisNexis is a company that offers a variety of solutions for the legal profession.  From case law to litigation solutions, LexisNexis has a multitude of software platforms for attorneys and their practice

The Lackner Group flagship product, the 6-in-1 Estate Administration System is used by law firms, accounting firms and banks throughout the United States.

Thomson Reuters estate planner suite from ONESOURCE delivers a group of products and tools authored by renowned estate-planning experts.

Yourefolio is the most comprehensive solutions for estate planning professionals today.  From onboarding, review, presentation, illustrations, notes, communication and settlement, anything that an estate planner does on a daily basis can be managed from the Yourefolio platform


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