Estate Planners Can Help Reduce Stressors During the Pandemic

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Estate Planners Can Help Reduce Stressors During the Pandemic

Estate Planners Can Help Reduce Stressors During the Pandemic

by Austin Gilner, Marketing Intern at Yourefolio

Estate Planners Can Help Reduce Stressors During the PandemicThere are plenty of reasons to be stressed today.  Estate planning professionals, especially those in a transactional business are focused on survival. The clients they work with and prospects have their own multitude of circumstances which can cause them stress. While time and getting back to some normalcy will help, Estate Planners can provide some surety and help reduce stress for the time being.

No matter what are feeling about masks, the pandemic or how it will affect us, there is an unknown.  Unless you, your client or prospect has contacted it, there is an unknown for them too.  One thing that can help these multitude of feelings is being organized in case something happens.  For more reasons than this blog can list, being organized can provide a level of certainty when we are in an uncertain time.  Organization alone can reduce the stress of being able to persevere if something does happen.

Client engagement should be relatively simple considering the environment around us. The strategies we employ around customer engagement can be done through newsletters or direct contact.  Whatever the customer engagement strategy is, it should center around estate organization during this pandemic. 

Individuals, attorneys, and financial advisors can all benefit from client or prospect organization.  A variety of studies have shown that over thirty percent of an advisors clients do not tell them everything.  However, when estate planning, clients and prospects will disclose everything to the attorney.  By individuals, attorneys and financial advisors working together, organization can be done simpler and more effective.

Yourefolio’s estate planning software has several tools to assist those who are working through estate planning with individuals and families.  Considered the best estate planning software on the market today, Yourefolio was designed to create efficiencies in estate planning.  One of those tools is the Stress Test tool for estate plans.  This Stress Test tool can not only provide a good client engagement, but it can also reduce stress when wondering if an estate plan will hold up during the pandemic.

Yourefolio’s estate planning platform can also help with organization.  The Organize Your Estate tool is an easy and less intrusive way to get and stay organized.  Tools like these through Yourefolio make it the best estate planning software for professionals on the market today for engagement.  The Organize Your Estate tool is mobile friendly and allows for clients and prospects to voice record their answers.

When an estate is not organized, it can create additional stresses when a loved one, beneficiaries or a doctor needs vital information or a document. Using the simple organizational tool can eliminate these potential issues.  Organization can also point out issues such as improper beneficiary designations or agent updates that need to be made on directives.

There is no better time to bring up the conversation now with our clients and prospects. While the conversation may be difficult, the necessity may never be more evident.  Organization is the first place to start and may lead to additional conversations to make sure other estate planning fears and issues are managed.

One item that employing the stress test could do for clients is creating a sense of urgency to organize or solidify an estate plan.  Professionals who use this Stress Test estate plan module can help people understand some of the burdens they can place on their families without proper planning.  Most people have no idea the burden they could be placing on their loved ones without organization or a proper estate plan in place.

Relieving fear and uncertainty can strengthen relationship and show a real sense of concern in our current environment.  Professionals can help to relieve these fears by employing simple estate planning items such as organization and stress testing.  Estate planning software such as Yourefolio can make these efforts easier and more effective.  Using the Stress Test tool and Organize Your Estate tool are simple, but the results can be priceless.

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