Yourefolio and Inter Vivos PLLC Create Strategic Partnership

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In an effort to provide advisors with more tools and services for their practice, Yourefolio™ and Inter Vivos PLLC are partnering to connect estate planning attorneys with financial advisors for easier collaboration amongst professionals.

Yourefolio™, the leader in estate and legacy planning software for financial professionals is now able to offer a direct connection to estate planning attorneys in every state in the U.S. through Inter Vivos.

Professionals using the Yourefolio platform will be able to connect with the attorneys of Inter Vivos to collaborate and complete plans with licensed estate planning attorneys in every state. This will allow financial advisors to have an in-house attorney via a virtual environment. Inter Vivos attorneys will collaborate with the advisors, clients, and other professionals to create the best plan and new opportunities for financial advisors. Inter Vivos will even offer e-notarization to execute documents in states where it is available.

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