A Love Letter to Future Generations

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Crystal | February 2019

During our lifetime we will make many choices, face many obstacles and live many adventures that will shape and define who we are. Like most people, you may want to convey to your loved ones how those choices, obstacles and adventures have shaped, taught and molded you throughout your lifetime. Creating an ethical will can ensure that your legacy will live on through your loved ones.

A LOVE LETTER {ethical will} is a document for your loved ones that communicates your love, appreciation and memories of the people who have been a part of your life.

An ethical will is not a legal document; they have no standard form or structure; it is distinct from legal documents like a last will and testament or a living will. The practice of leaving an ethical will is an ancient tradition referenced in the Bible and found in many cultures.

Writing a Love Letter {ethical will} to your family members is an amazing way for you to share your life experience, who we are, who we became, family traditions and family history that might otherwise be lost forever, personal values, beliefs, blessings, advice and your hopes and dreams with your family. What were the events that shaped you? What are your priorities? Your guiding principles? What mistakes did you make; what did you learn from them? What essential truths have you learned that you can pass on to future generations? What challenges you have meet and over come? You might speak of what is good and admirable in each of your loved ones and of the gratitude you feel that each is in your life. It doesn’t matter if you send a letter, an email, a book, a video or audio recording, song or poem or through a scrapbook or collage… what matters is the content. In writing from the heart, you will discover more of who you are and what your true legacy is; you will better come to understand how you have fulfilled your purpose and what you hope to be remembered for. There is no greater satisfaction in completing your gift and ensuring its safe passage to the next generation. Don’t forget to add: Family photos, recipes, items of clothing {baby clothes, items of sentimental value}

Ethical wills can be written and shared at any time. Some families want to share this information while they are still alive and can engage in conversations about the past. They can also be used to explain why certain decisions were made in a last will and testament or to tie the loose ends of a life together for oneself and others.

An ethical will can be one of the most cherished and meaningful gifts you can leave to your family.  It can bring family members much solace assuring them from your own words that you lived a good life and are at peace.

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