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It is no secret that we are currently in one of the greatest wealth transfers of our era. It is estimated that over thirty trillion dollars will transfer over the next decade. This clearly means one of two things; one, it is not managed by you and you can capture it, or two, it is and you don’t want it to leave your book. Whether you fall in the first or second category, there is one static concept, the ONLY way wealth transfers is through estate planning. There is no better time than now to adapt your estate planning to the 21st century. Beneficiary Gamification Tool The next generation of wealth is more concerned about how much they know you care before caring about how much you know. Show them you care by utilizing the gamification module to include them in the estate planning. The tool is specifically designed to provide minimal intrusion and gather information necessary for the estate plan. Typically, beneficiaries would have to be included in a family meeting but now they do not. They can be sent the module which is mobile-friendly. They can participate in private and provide responses that will give any planner valuable information about the difficult items to divide. Additionally, planners and clients will have a better understanding of who is willing to participate as the executor, caretaker or any other duties that come with transferring an estate. There is no better way to engage the beneficiaries than to use the tool specifically designed for them. Simple Estate Plans for Younger Families Yourefolio can provide an off-the-shelf simple estate planning tool. Many families that are young need basic wills or living trust, and leveraging Yourefolio can provide simple estate plans. Merely engage any young family by asking them questions about protecting children or health care proxies and then offer to handle the planning. Once you have created a plan with them, click the attorney collaboration button and we will match you with an attorney who not only will prepare the documents but provide a price that will be acceptable for any young family. By providing simple plans for young families, you will now be in their minds when they inherit parent or relative’s wealth. Beneficiary Engagement The Yourefolio Stress Test tool is the perfect way to get people thinking about estate planning or what they currently have in place. This tool is nimble enough to be massemailed, attached to websites, placed on LinkedIn or Twitter or even used on a mobile device during an encounter with someone. The best part is that it shows beneficiaries the value of estate planning, not only for them but their families. Beneficiaries will realize the value of knowing the estate plans of their loved ones and be more likely to ask or inquire about an estate plan they are a part of. The key to the tool is using it in a way that gets them thinking about not only their estate plan but someone else's. This will open the door for your services. Wherever the conversation goes, it creates an opportunity for you to capitalize on the engagement.

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