Gathering and Securing Digital Assets

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Gathering and Securing Digital Assets

Technology is ever-present in our lives, giving us a digital space to maintain our personal information, banking, login credentials, photos, and more. Security is essential but comes at disadvantage when you pass or become incapacitated, and you have not planned ahead. There has never been a more important time to ensure your data and digital assets are not only secure, but that the right steps have been taken to protect your valued information when you are no longer able to.


Your loved ones could find themselves without access to your treasured and essential content. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to give your loved one’s access to your digital assets when you are gone.


Step 1: Gathering all your digital information is the first step to safeguarding its integrity in the future. From bank accounts, cryptocurrency, photos, videos, and/or digital assets.


Step 2: Store your logins and passwords to all your online accounts in one safe, easy to remember place that your loved ones will be able to locate when you are gone.


Step 3: Just as you would have an executor for your will, you should have someone in place that will manage the digital assets of your estate after your passing. These “digital executors” or “digital fiduciaries” will be able to preserve content, manage digital accounts, and protect your cherished digital photos, videos, and memories.


Yourefolio gives your clients an all-in-one platform to arrange their assets, assign access, and guarantee security of their digital presence.

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