Finalists Selected for XY Planning Network's 3rd Annual Advisor FinTech Competition

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BOZEMAN, Mont.July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Six finalists have been selected to compete in XY Planning Network (XYPN)'s 3rd annual FinTech Competition on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 during XYPN's annual conference, XYPN LIVE 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. XYPN's FinTech Competition helps start-ups gain visibility and encourages much-needed innovation of business-to-business solutions in the financial advisory space. 

The finalists will introduce and promote their offerings during XYPN LIVE in front of a full audience and expert judges including technology guru Bill Winterberg of FPPadJeff Merkel, former Google director and co-founder of life insurance platform Ladder Life, and Michael Kitces, co-founder of XYPN.

The popular competition, sponsored by Ladder Life, drew more than 20 submissions from technologies exclusively designed for financial advisors which deliver financial planning services to Gen X and/or Gen Y clients. The six 2018 finalists include:


  • Approach – Approach is a prospecting and client onboarding technology which gives advisors the ability to embed a lead generation tool on any website and access a custom dashboard and measurables showing where their prospects are in their processes at any given time.

    Life Stage Insights – Life Stage Insights is a turnkey client discovery solution that empowers financial advisors to know their clients like never before. The Life Stage Profile enables advisors to have an effective conversation with clients regarding their top needs and worries, while the personalized Life Stage Road Map is filled with ideas for clients to prepare for future events.

    Payitoff – Payitoff helps financial advisors whose clients have significant student loan burdens to develop an optimal repayment schedule and forecast potential savings opportunities. The platform integrates with all available federal programs, identifies eligibility for income-based repayment and provides comparisons on interest and tax tradeoffs.

    Take Command Health – Take Command Health offers a user-friendly, unbiased, data-driven resource that helps financial planners advise their clients to make smarter decisions around health insurance (without requiring the expertise of an insurance professional).

    Touchstone Pathway – Touchstone Pathway is a comprehensive suite of tools that helps financial planning clients map out (and stick to) a long-term financial game plan. Based on years of behavioral research, Touchstone Pathway offers financial advisors a complete system to grow client relationships by uncovering hidden beliefs that are shaping their clients' decisions.

    Yourefolio – Yourefolio is a comprehensive, yet simple and thorough estate and legacy planning solution that allows financial advisors to take charge of the complete estate planning process with little (if any) client interaction with attorneys. The platform is designed with all the components needed to help advisors navigate through various estate planning cases while utilizing the benefits of modern technology.


The selected champion will receive a press release by PR agency FiComm Partners along with facilitated media introductions. A handful of promotional opportunities await the winner, including features on Bill Winterberg's and Michael Kitces' The winner will also be featured in an exclusive #XYPNRadio interview and in a dedicated blog post on, through which they'll reach a large audience of financial planners.

Winners from the previous two years, SnappyKraken (2016 champion) and Vestwell (2017 champion), both saw a significant pay-off from the opportunity to showcase their technology to young, tech-savvy advisors hungry for technology to help them better service their Gen X and Gen Y clients.

As Vestwell CEO, Aaron Schumm, reflects, "A large part of Vestwell's early success can be attributed to the many advisors who have been early adopters of our technology. These advisors, along with everyone involved with XYPN, have a shared vision to create an accessible, fiduciary future for financial services."

To read more about the 2018 finalists and the XYPN FinTech Competition, or to register for the XYPN LIVE 2018 Conference, visit


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The XY Planning Network with over 700 advisors, is the leading turnkey financial planning platform for fee-only financial advisors who want to serve their Gen X and Gen Y peers, providing comprehensive financial planning services for a monthly subscription fee and without product sales or asset minimums. The Network offers a virtual community for new and established financial advisors who want to serve a younger clientele, and provides its members compliance support services, marketing support, business tools and templates, and a wide range of technology solutions.


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