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Yourefolio is designed with tools to provide distinct advantages for you, your business and your clients

Take your estate and legacy planning to a new level

Drag and drop flow charts that are customizable illustrations on how an estate plan will look for your client.

Our pre-populated drag and drop flow charts are an easy way to illustrate estate plans for your clients. Move boxes around, add language to an existing box, delete boxes and add notes to provide visuals that accompany the documents. Nimble and easy to use, print multiple options for more complex plans so your clients can see differences play out within their estate. Color coded and labeled for easy understanding, Know confidently that clients will have a better understanding of how their estate plan is designed and how their beneficiaries will receive the estate.

An estate analysis that recognizes deficiencies and provides professionals with an idea of what may cause issues within the estate plan.

Our estate analysis populates messages that notify users of items that may need to be addressed within the estate plan. From assets that may not be titled correctly to missing guardianship designations, this module will help professionals tighten up any estate plan. Clients can now view the same messages making it a less intrusive conversation. 

Federal, State estate tax calculations, future values of the estate along with a detailed balance sheet so you can provide effective recommendations.

Fully equipped with federal and state tax thresholds, our simple yet effective calculators help professionals prepare estates that are may be subject to taxes. Help clients that don’t have large estates understand if there will be enough money for their loved ones should something happen to them immediately with our future value calculator. A detailed balance sheet with asset titles so professionals can recognize what assets may need to be retitled or protected.

Custom plan designed summaries complete with document language and in which ways beneficiaries will receive assets for easier settlement.

A static plan design summary populates once the plan has been crafted. Complete with trust provisions (and even who will take care of pets or children), clients can now understand why a trust in is place or how the estate will have to settle. So detailed that it shows each assets, the percentage of distribution assigned and even if the individual asset may be taxable to the beneficiary. All the details in one static chart is a perfect compliment to the documents.

As more and more clients obtain digital assets, our digital asset repository is the perfect way for clients to inventory and plan on how those assets are to be transferred.

In a technological world, more and more clients have digital assets. Understanding what they have is important, accounting for the transfer of those assets becomes easier with a proper inventory system. Our digital asset repository allows clients to add or remove these assets on their own and help you plan for their transfer. Something personal that the client doesn’t want the family to know about, no problem, they can hide those if they wish.

A simple to use task manager system, synced with a customer relationship manager for easy collaboration amongst professionals and clients.

Send task requests, share documents and communicate without ever leaving the system. A secure way for all of those involved in the planning to communicate about the estate while creating the best plan. All tasks sync with an internal customer relationship manager (CRM) so that notes are preserved for future reference.  Need a reminder, the CRM will send out reminders so that you don’t forget to make that call or send that email.

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